SNU Cricket Cup

The inaugural edition of the SNU CUP State Level Inter-Collegiate Cricket Tournament concluded on a thrilling note on March 27th, marking the culmination of an incredible journey filled with passion, dedication, and exceptional sportsmanship. This year, we were privileged to host 12 formidable teams, each representing the crème de la crème of cricketing talent from […]

CYBER-SAFE: Mastering Cyber Security Essentials

We are delighted to extend an invitation to you to join us for our upcoming Faculty Development Program (FDP) titled “CYBER-SAFE”. This program aims to provide valuable insights and resources related to cyber security to enhance your teaching capabilities and professional development. Date: Mar 28 – Apr 01, 2024Venue: Academic Block 1, SNUC Click Here […]

Blockchain-Assisted Secure Cyber-Physical Systems

Overview: Cyber-physical systems (CPS) have grown significantly in importance in today’s quickly expanding technological environment as a result of their integration of physical processes with computer and communication components. A major concern is assuring the security, reliability, and resilience of CPS as they grow increasingly linked and data-driven way. In order to manage data, transactions, […]

SOI MUMPS Microfabrication Process: Translating Design To Prototype

This will be a hands-on familiarization workshop on fabrication process steps, design rules and multilayer mask generation for translating a design to its prototype using the Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Multiuser MEMS (SOI-MUMPS.) process. The participants will be trained on how to build a prototype of a device, by using external foundry services. The training will start […]

Serb School on Single Crystals of Functional Materials and Their Applications

The discovery and growth of crystalline materials and the scientific and technological enterprises dependent on them can only flourish, if the field has a steady supply of young scientists educated in the cross-disciplinary science associated with the field and trained in the specialized techniques are necessary to be successful in the field. The school is […]