Shiv Nadar University Chennai is a part of the Shiv Nadar Foundation which is committed to the creation of a more equitable, merit-based society by empowering individuals through transformational education to bridge the socio-economic divide.

SNU Chennai is inviting ‘Founding Faculty’ to join an exceptional journey of building a pioneering institution of higher education creating new global academic standards and revolutionizing the education landscape in the country. As the Founding Faculty of SNU Chennai, you will be leading the path of being the custodians of the University’s core values, culture and learning traditions while being instrumental in establishing lasting collaborations, driving cutting-edge innovations and taking industry leadership.

Your vision and commitment will play a pivotal role in shaping the heart and soul of the University. The Founding Faculty will lead a sought-after research mechanism to bridge the gap between the classroom and global demands, fostering experiential learning and academic and intellectual growth in the students.

This University is designed to be a futuristic platform that envisions helping both students and faculty flourish. Therefore, it is inviting progressive academicians, who are leading thinkers and innovative educators to join the University’s exciting journey.

Check below for open positions and application process.

Open Positions

Shiv Nadar University, Chennai invites applications for faculty positions from qualified candidates for its School of Commerce and Management. The applicants must have an excellent academic record and should have demonstrated potential for excellence in research.

Qualification and Experience
as per UGC Norms
Management with Finance
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor

Why Shiv Nadar University Chennai?

Shiv Nadar University, Chennai offers very competitive and attractive compensation and benefits program, commensurate with qualification and relevant experience of the applicants. The compensation includes Provident Fund, medical benefits including hospitalization, term life and personal accident insurance, gratuity provision, Leave Travel Assistance, contribution towards NPS, reimbursement of telephone bills and books, periodicals and membership of professional societies etc., with ample flexibility to suit one’s personal needs and wants.

In addition to the compensation, the University provides avenues for the Faculty Professional Development in the form of a dedicated provision for every faculty member to be utilized as per University norms. Faculty Research Incentive program is aimed at promoting, encouraging and rewarding the research, consulting and external projects initiatives taken by the faculty members. University also runs an attractive long-term reward program to celebrate the meritocracy and association of its faculty members. Towards promoting the work-life balance and enabling a walk-to-work ecosystem, on-campus family accommodation on subsidised rentals, with many amenities and facilities within the sprawling, the green campus will be provided for the interested candidates.

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