Our Academic Approach

The academic approach of Shiv Nadar University Chennai is inspired by the heritage of the region. This rich tradition combines academic rigour with intellectual ambition and is designed to maximise the potential of the human mind. This approach is inherently flexible, evolving to adapt to circumstance. Every program at Shiv Nadar University Chennai integrates eternal truths with the needs of the modern world.

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering at SNU Chennai offers futuristic programs that will enable the graduates to contribute effectively to the society of the future. The School offers two programs - Computer Science & Engineering (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. These two programs are mutually reinforcing.

School of Commerce and Management

The School of Commerce and Management at SNU Chennai offers programs that lay emphasis on integrating theory and practice. The School offers two programs - Bachelor of Commerce (Professional Accounting) and a B.Com / B.Com(Hons) with specialization tracks.

School of Science & Humanities

The School of Sciences and Humanities offers courses that enrich the programs offered by the two other schools. These courses not only provide a scaffolding for the students in the four different programs offered at the university, but also help students develop multidisciplinary perspectives. Through these course, students develop a wider and deeper understanding and also hone their 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration