Event Name : Winning Third Place at the Digital Youth Summit – 2022, Women’s Christian College

Photograph of SNUC student Judah Jacinth

Judah Jacinth, a student of the CSE (IoT) department won the Third Place in the Block and Tackle event conducted at the Digital Youth Summit organized by the Women’s Christian College. Block and Tackle is an event that challenges an individual in terms of vocabulary, state of mind, spontaneity, and eloquence.  The event is based off on an individual’s ability to talk about the pros and cons of a controversial topic on prompt by the judge. Judah was given the topic of “Should school teachers be given guns?”. He took on the challenge by talking about the pros of giving a gun especially in war prone zones like Iran and Iraq where wars threaten the education and safety of innocent children, he was also able to talk against this action by talking about domestic violence happening in the United States when everyone is given the freedom to have a personal gun. Judah said and we quote, “The environment at SNUC invokes thought provoking ideologies and promotes discussion that is making me a socially aware human being. YRC events really do keep us in the loop of knowing these social issues and continually encourages all students at SNUC to do what they can to make the world a better place”.