Triumph at Optima 23: SNU Chennai Team Shines in Innovation and Integration

A 5 member team of SNU Chennai  enthusiastically participated in Optima 23, a prestigious event hosted by IIT Kharagpur in October. Guided by innovation, they delved into the hackathon’s challenging problem statement and dataset provided by Delhivery. With precision, the team defined the problem, meticulously identified constraints, and crafted an optimal solution. Standing out among the 30 participating teams, they proudly presented their white paper to the IIIT Kharagpur panel on October 7, securing a coveted spot among the top 10 teams—an achievement that filled them with pride.
On October 8, their excitement continued as the team presented their solution to Delhivery Company’s panel offline. The company commended the team for presenting a solution that seamlessly integrated perspectives from both Commerce and Tech, setting them apart from their peers. This recognition not only validated their hard work but also showcased their ability to approach challenges with a holistic and innovative mindset. The team expressed gratitude for the opportunity and looked forward to more such enriching experiences on their academic journey.