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News & Events

B Com students Bring Accolades to the Shiv Nadar University Chennai

We are delighted to announce that a team of students from the B Com degree program of the Shiv Nadar University Chennai, viz., Arjun K Swamy, S. Viswanath and Himakshi Jammar participated in the VIT Finance Fest in the month of November 2021. Organized by the Management Wing of the VIT Chennai as an Inter-Collegiate Finance Fest, many events were conducted as part of the Fest.

Events and accolades

Team from our University participated and won prizes in all the three events conducted namely, Defrauder, Debate-o-Matic and Business Quiz. In the Business Quiz, our students were placed in the top 8 of several participating teams in the first round and qualified for the final round. In the finals, the team finished in 4th place after facing tough competition from highly experienced quizzers.

The Defrauder event required participants to decipher the fraud taking place in a hypothetical situation and also identify the people committing the fraud from a limited set of clues. With the combined teamwork, our students were able to bag the first prize, for having identified and explained the fraud with the best accuracy amongst all participants.

The Debate-o-Matic event was a debate on the trending topic of the upcoming Cryptocurrency Bill in India, with participants putting forth their views on how the Government and the RBI should deal with cryptocurrency in India. We presented our views on why cryptocurrency should receive legal endorsement, supported by strong facts and research. Our efforts earned us a Special Mention Award, along with the opportunity to work in an Internship at a FinTech Start-up named ‘Money Monitors’ owned by one of the judges, Mr. Sushant Bindal.

Internship Opportunity

Our team’s research and presentation skills impressed Mr. Sushant Bindal, owner of finance businesses, FinSeva. As a result, our students were able to bag an Internship at his new start-up, ‘Money Monitors’. Our students have been assigned the roles of researchers and social media managers. This essentially means planning the content for the company’s YouTube Channel, Instagram Page etc and also recording and creating the videos and posts to be made to these accounts. We are glad to mention that this is the paid internship which would allow our students to showcase their talents and capabilities, while helping them gain crucial insights and experience on how a business works.