Sports offer a salutary contrast to the demands of purely mental pursuits. They provide an invaluable opportunity for our students to interact, keep fit, pursue excellence and work in teams. Our sports facilities are extensive and well-equipped, catering to a wide range of sports. There is an indoor stadium as well as extensive space for outdoor sports. We all need sports and communication with people. This gives us relaxation and physical activity.
Explore a world of indoor sports that are not only entertaining but also provide a perfect escape from the elements. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a casual player, our indoor game facilities offer a diverse range of options.
Experience the thrill of fast-paced basketball action in our well-maintained courts. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just looking to shoot some hoops with friends, our basketball facilities cater to all skill levels.
Challenge your friends to a quick and exciting game of table tennis. Our state-of-the-art facilities are perfect for honing your skills or simply having a fun time.
Experience the intensity of squash on our well-lit courts. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, our facilities are open for you to enjoy this fast-paced sport.
Smash your way to victory on our badminton courts. With professional-grade facilities, you can improve your game or engage in friendly matches with fellow students.

Our fitness center for boys is equipped with modern exercise machines and experienced trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals. Get in shape and stay healthy with us.

At SNU Chennai, we embrace the outdoor enthusiast in you. Discover a wide array of outdoor sports that connect you with nature, foster teamwork, and keep you active and energized.

Step onto our lush cricket fields and experience the excitement of the gentleman’s game. Join in on friendly matches, leagues, and sharpen your cricket skills.

Kick off your passion for football on our well-maintained pitches. Whether you’re a striker, defender, or goalkeeper, we have a space for you to play the beautiful game.
Bump, set, and spike your way to victory on our volleyball courts. Enjoy friendly matches or join competitive leagues and feel the sandy thrill of beach volleyball.
Discover the excitement of throw ball on our specialized courts. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, our facilities provide a welcoming environment for all.

At SNU Chennai, we understand the importance of staying fit and healthy. Explore our fitness activities designed to keep you in top shape while having fun.

Our fully equipped gym facilities are perfect for cardio, strength training, and overall fitness. Train under the guidance of experienced instructors and achieve your fitness goals.
Experience the serenity of yoga and meditation in our dedicated spaces. Enhance your mental and physical well-being through our yoga and meditation classes.

Join our group workout sessions, including Zumba, spinning, and CrossFit. Stay motivated and have fun while getting in shape with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Students Achievement

Discover the incredible accomplishments of our students at SNU Chennai. From academic excellence and groundbreaking research to outstanding athletic achievements and contributions to the arts, our students continue to shine in diverse fields. They have received academic accolades, secured prestigious internships, and made a positive impact on their communities. We take immense pride in the success of our students, showcasing their remarkable journey from campus to the world stage. Explore the stories of these exceptional individuals and get inspired by their dedication and passion for success.