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Second year students win hackathon against 300+ teams at K! Hacks 2024, bag ₹1 Lakh

Shiv Nadar University Chennai is thrilled to announce the success of its students at K! Hacks, which  was conducted by Anna University and Temenos, and powered by MotorQ. Team Delta 1 emerged victorious among 300+ teams, winning the first prize and a cash prize of Rupees 1 Lakh! The team consisted of four members from Delta, a hackathon group from the college.

The problem statement that they had chosen was the Golden Statement, provided by MotorQ, and was tailored to the company’s market. The problem was that existing simulation software for cars had rigid parameters for sensors built into the software. For example, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have sensors in their cars which transmit data in independent time durations, and this cannot be modelled in existing open-source simulation software. MotorQ had framed the problem statement in such a way that the solution must replicate the behaviour of an actual vehicle and generate each signal from each sensor with fidelity, adhering to a specification and frequency set by the developer that uses the software that the students end up building.

Their solution to the unique problem statement was a completely physics-based virtual simulator for simulating cars and car sensor data, which had stood out for its sophistication and effectiveness. Leveraging CARLA, an open-source world simulator, they developed an accurate simulation environment to simulate data transmitted by sensors at independent time intervals, and reliably mimic real-world scenarios such as unpredictable driving, occasional lapses in sensor transmission, depletion of fuel or EV battery charge, etc.

The exceptional guidance of Prof. Santhi Natarajan and Dr. VA Kandappan was pivotal in this endeavour. Prof. Santhi Natarajan’s expertise led the team to utilize actors within CARLA and delve into CarSim for enhancing the simulation’s realism, while Dr. Kandappan’s advice on mathematical modelling allowed for the precise tuning of the simulator’s outputs, ensuring accurate sensor readings. Their mentorship not only provided the technical insights needed for the project’s success but also inspired the team to push the boundaries of innovation.

The team had displayed an immense amount of research, programming skills, and out-of-the-box thinking to develop this extremely innovative software, which will definitely help in the penetration of more “smart” cars into the Indian automotive market. We are immensely proud of the team’s achievement, and wish them the best of luck in their upcoming endeavours!

Team Members:

1.     Mahasvan Mohan – (AI&DS B – 2nd year)

2.     A Mohamed Aakhil – (AI&DS A – 2nd year)

3.     Aditya B – (Cybersecurity – 2nd year)

4.     J Joshua Bharathi – (AI&DS A – 2nd year)