Dr. Jiji

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Educational Qualifications

  • 2007 Ph.D Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Mumbai
  • 1997 M.Tech Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Mumbai
  • 1988 B. Tech University of Kerala

Area of Research

  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing
  • Computational
  • Photography
  • Signal Processing


Dr. Jiji is a distinguished Senior Member of the IEEE and a respected Fellow of the IETE. He earned his B.Tech degree from the University of Kerala and pursued further studies at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, where he completed his M.Tech and Ph.D. His significant contributions to the field of computer vision and image processing are evident through his research papers and presentations at renowned conferences, including ICVGIP and ECCV. With a wealth of experience, Dr. Jiji has served as a dedicated educator and academic leader, holding positions such as Principal at the College of Engineering Trivandrum and Professor at SRM University-AP.

Work Experience

Experience: 36 yrs (Teaching, Research and Industry) 

  • 04-04-2022 to 28-02-2023- Professor, SRM University-AP
  • 01-06-2018 to 31-03-2022- Principal, College of Engineering Trivandrum
  • 01-07-2017 to 31-05-2018- Dean Research, College of Engineering Trivandrum
  • 01-04-2015 to 30-06-2017- Head of Department of Electronics and Communication, College of Engineering Trivandrum
  • 01-07-1991 to 31-03-2015: Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Professor under Directorate of Technical Education (Various Government Engineering Colleges)


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  • Best paper Award: National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics (NCVPRIPG 2015), IIT Patna
  • Challenge Winner Award: UDC 2020 Challenge on Image Restoration of Under-Display Camera In conjunction with European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2020 Workshop on Real-world Recognition from Low-quality Inputs (RLQ), Glasgow, UK,August 2020
  • Challenge Winner Award: AIM 2020 Challenge on Scene Relighting and Illumination Estimation, Advances in Image Manipulation Workshop, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), Glasgow, UK, August 2020