For holistic development and to bring out the talents of the students of SNU, initially, 16 clubs have been provisionally approved.  

A brief description of each club is as follows.


Rhythm is SNUC’s very own dance club which aims to provide a space for students, regardless of prior experience to explore the various forms of dance and to use dance as a mode of expression. They have also set a target to represent our university in various competitions and events, all the while hosting workshops and choreography sessions for its members.

dance club logo


CAPTURESQUE is a platform created to bring students of the same creative interest closer to seeing the world through a lens.
They intend to be the designated photographer for university events, conduct learning sessions and represent our university in photography competitions.

photography club logo


OMNIA is the Latin word that means the same as ‘everything’, and that is exactly what this clubaims to focus on. They seek the welfare of our university’s community in social and environmental aspects. Some of the main objectives of this club include animal welfare, supporting the LGBTQ+ Community and ecological prosperity.

gay club logo


ATWAS intends to set up the stage, pull back the curtains, and introduce the world of theatre to SNUC.
They have plans to teach and develop every aspect of theatre from acting to lighting and involve the members in activities such as studying famous plays to help mature their skills.

Theatre club logo


SNUMUN Society aims towards shaping today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders. Refined critical thinking, public speaking, listening, teamwork and problem-solving skills are the areas the club will focus on. It plans to participate in various MUNs and organize SNUC’s MUN. The club is open to both new and experienced students and is all set towards its inception.

mun club logo


POTENTIAL has been established to help students get a head start in the field of Robotics. They plan to encourage a start-up culture within the university, help the members be industry-ready with significant technical growth in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and support student projects.

quiz club logo


This club is a platform for all budding filmmakers, critiques and movie enthusiasts.
We aim to provide a space to help nurture creativity and audio-visually showcase the world through our lens. We will be organising workshops with experts in the mass media industry as well as competitions to accentuate socio-economic issues.

film club logo


Coding Club is for everyone, regardless of their current level of knowledge. We all have the right to learn, and we believe learning is more fun and efficient when we help each other along the way.
The club not only focuses on coding but also on logical, analytical and problem-solving skills. The Coding Club aims to establish a coding culture on campus, reaching every student passionate about coding.

coding club logo

COGNITION’s goals are to introduce and get students pumped up about quizzing. They plan on doing this by using their platform to host multiple types of events
like workshops and quizzes with different categories of questions to make their members all-rounders. With this, they also hope to bring home laurels to the university for both competing and conducting events. 

quiz club logo


VOICE OUT serves as a platform for the students to express their views without any fear. The name itself is a voice out which is to voice out one’s opinions. It aims to bring out the orating skills one has lying deep down inside him/her.

Voice out club logo


ISAI, the music club of SNUC unites the many voices of its members into the universal language of music. They plan to use its platform to help the students express their creativity and talent through various events. As well, to bring laurels to the university from participating in individual and Band Competitions.

music club logo


BUSINESS CLUB aims to provide an all-inclusive platform for students from all academic backgrounds to freely explore multiple trending topics in the realm of business as per their interests and preferences.

Business Club logo


HANDILA SNUC’s very own art club platform for art enthusiasts to show their artistic insights. They are coming up with lots of events starting from themed decoration to half-yearly exhibitions. They are also planning to participate in lots of events and bring laurels to the university.

art club logo


LINGUA is dedicated to language and the expression of thoughts.
Mudivili, English literature and Scribble society combined to form Lingua. This platform is to motivate students to communicate eloquently and enhance their literary skills.

literary club logo


CHECKMATE is the chess club at SNUC which is a space for enthusiasts of the game, experienced players and beginners alike.
Their goal is to hold activities and events to encourage the students to use their wits and tactics through chess. They also aim at representing the university by participating in both online and offline tournaments.

chess club logo


TED club looks forward to supporting its members in discovering, researching, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. The club plans on bringing well established TED speakers and TED fellows including educators, designers, animators, screenwriters, directors, academic researchers, science writers, historians, journalists and editors.

ted ed club logo