Yoga for Wellness by NSS, NSO & YRC of SNUC

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The NSS, NSO and YRC volunteers gathered to explore yoga and its benefits. The speaker was a professional lifestyle management expert, researcher, two-time Ayurvisharada awardee, andSenior Physician, Dr. K. Nandhine. Shedemystified yoga and explained its benefits. She briefed the participantson the best practices in yogaand the conditions where it is recommended to avoid performing yoga. She explained “Surya Namaskar”, which consists of 12 poses in a sequence. She explained the meaning, benefits, and procedure of each pose.

The participants performed yoga along side. The participants’ doubts were then clarified by her.  The participants understood the basics of yoga and its benefits through the hands-on session and pledged to maintain their health and wellness and spread awareness on the same.