Event Name :World Earth Dayby NSS& YRC of SNUC
Date: April 23rd, 2022 

Location of event : Online 

The celebration of World Earth Day by the members of the NSS and YRC of SNUC started with the “Tamizh Thai Vazhthu”. The introduction to the event was given by Abdullah Sheriff (AI & DS), who then called upon Judah Jacinth (IoT) to give a presentation. He explained the history behind World Earth Day and how it positively impacted the lives of people, and the planetsince then. He briefed the attendees on major contributors of pollution. He urged them to set an example to the people around them to save our planet and opt for eco-friendly alternatives. The next speaker, Abhishek Herbert Samuel (IoT) spoke about the importance of Earth and how it supports all living creatures. He awakened their curiosity with day-to-day examplesof the Earth’s goodness and encouraged them to give back to the Earth. Then, an eye-opening video on the current situation of pollution on Earth,curated by Abhiramee Anandakumar (AI & DS), was playedto enlighten the attendees on how they can make our planet more sustainable.The attendees pledged to be responsible leaders of tomorrow and be eco-friendly.