SERB School on Single Crystals of Functional Materials and their Applications

January 20 - February 20' 2023

National Advisory Council

Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana , Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram

Prof. D. G. Kuberkar, Saurashtra University

Dr. AK Karnal, RRCAT, Indore

Prof. A. Thamizhavel, TIFR, Mumbai

Dr. S M. Yusuf, BARC, Mumbai

Prof. Aswini Ghosh, IACS, Kolkata

Dr. N.P. Rajesh, Shiv Nadar University, Chennai

Dr. Amitava Roy, SERB, New Delhi

Dr. Nilotpal Ghosh, SERB, New Delhi

   The discovery and growth of crystalline materials and the scientific and technological enterprises dependent on them can only flourish, if the field has a steady supply of young scientists educated in the cross-disciplinary science associated with the field and trained in the specialized techniques are necessary to be successful in the field. The school is designed to provide a systematic overview of new concepts which are emerging in the field of crystallization and crystal growth of technologically/scientifically important materials. In the first phase of the school, it is planning to concentrate on the theoretical aspects of crystallization and in the second phase the school will focus the attention on characterization and device fabrication of crystalline materials which seem more promising for applications in the technology of information transmission. 

A. Basic Courses

1. Crystallographic aspects of Materials and their functionalities including point and space group

2. Growth of single crystalline materials in different forms including thin films

  a. Bulk growth

      Solution growth including Low Temperature and High Temperature

      Melt growth including Bridgman – Stockbarger , Cz, Float – Zone etc.,

  b. Thin films – LPE, VPE, MOCVD, MBE, Sputtering, PLD etc

3. Introduction to Phase diagrams and phase transitions

4. Characterisation

   i. Structural (X-ray, synchrotron, surface etc.,) and memory materials

   ii. Optical (Linear and Nonlinear)

   iii. Crystal Defects

   iv. FTIR/Raman

   v. Modelling

5. Growth Kinetics

    Theoretical and experimental aspects of crystal growth

    Nucleation and growth of thin films

6. Applications

  · Importance and challenge associated with selected functional materials

  · Hetero structures of functional semiconductors

  · Materials for white light emitting devices( including demonstration)

  · Quantum wells and super lattices

  · Magnetic and superconducting thin films

  · Piezo, pyro and ferro electric based devices

  · Thermoelectric based devices


B. Special courses

1. Evolution in the Capacity to Create Crystalline Materials by Design, Computational Techniques

2. Ferroelectrics and relaxer materials

3. The Development of Next-Generation Crystalline Materials— New States of Matter and New Materials—for Future Information and Communications Technologies. Industrial Crystallization

4. Dielectric & Wide Bandgap Materials, SiC, semiconductor

5. Processing of crystals and other solid state materials (cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing, formatting) and Testing of auxiliary materials  (e.g. crucibles and thermal insulation materials) under extreme conditions


Crystal Characterisation

1. Fundamental analysis using XRD: Crystal structure, Diffraction of X-rays, Reciprocal lattice, Miller indices, Unit cells, Stereographic projection, Equilibrium shape of crystals

2. Thermo-analytical investigations (TG, DTA, TSC, coupled with mass spectrometry)

3. A great variety of methods for the physical characterization of crystalline material with respect to structural perfection, optical and  electrical  properties

4. Electrical properties of grown crystal (Ferroelectric, dielectric, pyroelectric, piezoelectric, photoelectric properties)

5. Qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of major and minor constituents and traces of impurities by most advanced physical and chemical analytical techniques



Hands on training of growing single crystals and realisation of devices

1. Crystal Growth

    Training on Crystal Growth of single crystals by Solution growth, Melt grown crystals by Bridgeman method, Chokrolski method and Top seeded solution growth method.

2. Thin film

    Training on thin film preparation by PECVD, Sputtering etc.,

3. Characterisation of the grown crystals

4. Device fabrication of the grown crystals


Popular lectures/Evening Lectures

**This is a tentative program guide. Content may change slightly.

Applications are invited from research scholars, post-doctoral fellows and young faculty with research interests in related areas, for participation in this school. Few final year students of M.Sc. and M.Tech. with strong motivation to pursue research in these areas will be selected.

All the selected participants will be provided to and fro train fare and local hospitality. Interested persons should send the following to the school director through email or post,

(i) curriculum vitae including full postal and email address

(ii) brief write up of current research areas

(iii) list of publications, if any

iv) letter of recommendation from head of the department

(v) a short write up on how the candidate is expected to benefit from the school to enhance his research activities.


Dr. N.P. Rajesh

Director of the School,

Head of Center for Radiation Environmental Science & Technology,

Shiv Nadar University Chennai, OMR, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Kalavakkam – 603 110

Phone: 044 3506 9700

Mobile: 99620 86789