School of Science & Humanities

The School of Sciences and Humanities offers a BSc program in Economics (Data Science) as well as courses that enrich the programs offered by the two other schools. These courses not only provide a scaffolding for the students in the different programs offered at the university, but also help students develop multidisciplinary perspectives. Through these courses, students develop a wider and deeper understanding and also hone their 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. 

The programs offered - B.Sc. Economics (Data Science)

  • Rigorous domain knowledge in Economics, Finance and Data Analysis
  • Mathematical and statistical foundation, exposure to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and programming skills, such as, R, Python, etc.
  • Economic and Policy Modelling, Simulations and Forecasting, using econometric tools
  • Development of critical faculty to analyse data and policy.

Faculty are specialists in the subjects of Economics, Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Commerce, and English.

  • Teaching is done by Ph.D. holders in their discipline.
  • These PhDs are earned from reputed institutions like IITs and JNU.
  • Subjects like Economics, Finance, and Data Science are taught by experts
  • Collaboration between departments for teaching multi-disciplinary subjects e.g., Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Financial modeling, Software
  • Programming like R and Python, Financial Management, and Auditing
ICT-enabled teaching
Online digital repositories for lectures/ course-materials
Wi-Fi enabled campus
Flipped classroom
based teaching
Well-equipped classrooms
with LCD Projectors
Conducive ambience
for the students
Apart from all
these a Green campus