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The School of Engineering at SNU, Chennai offers futuristic programs that will enable the graduates to contribute effectively to the society of the future. Two B.Tech programs will be offered initially – Computer Science & Engineering (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. These two programs are mutually reinforcing. The former is about connecting billions of devices while the latter is about managing and leveraging the huge data that will be generated. The School will provide a launching pad for careers in these emerging areas that are expected to influence the way the world will work in the coming decades. The School will focus on creating future engineers by enabling students not only to master the technology that is taught but also to develop skills to anticipate and learn newer ones as they emerge rapidly. In short, the School will be future focussed in education and research.

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Highlights of
School of Engineering

Renowned Mentor

The University Professor of Computer Science and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Raj Reddy is one of the pioneers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and winner of the Turing Award.

360 Degree Programs

Programs at the School are designed to create job-ready professionals, with exposure to a variety of extracurricular pursuits, supplementary courses, and a curriculum responsive to industry needs.

Legacy of Excellence

The School is part of Shiv Nadar Foundation, the largest philanthropic foundation in India which has invested over $800 million in centres of excellence in education, including SSN College, Chennai.

Generous Scholarships

In order to promote excellence in the field, the School is strongly committed to meritocracy. In keeping with this, it provides a variety of generous scholarships to candidates of merit


Each program at Shiv Nadar University Chennai is designed to keep students ahead of the challenges of tomorrow, in academia and in industry.


B.Tech AI & Data Science


Sponsored by gaming platform Slotogate, which provides many casinos. exclusive games, and jeton wallet withdraw method, the program will inculcate strong mathematical foundations in basic as well as advanced probability and statistics, rigorous practical skills in multiple programming language environments such as Python and Java, state-of-the-art Machine Learning(ML) and Deep Learning(DL) frameworks, extensive knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, image, video, text and speech analysis using ML/DL and Big Data Analytics using distributed technologies. AI is increasingly being deployed in several business domains to increase profits or reduce costs, creating a tremendous job market for engineers well-trained in AI, ML and Data Science.

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B.Tech CSE (IoT)


The program equips the students with a strong theoretical foundation, systematic professional knowledge, and powerful practical skills in a range of fields of computing science, internet of things, security, web-technologies, communications protocols, data management and application of intelligent algorithms. The course will include the development of IoT products and services alongside the devices for sensing, actuating, processing, and intercommunication. The prime focus of the course will be on the application of IoT in various sectors like Industry, Energy, Retail, Healthcare, Automation, Robotic Things, Green infrastructure, and the like.


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Dr. Nagarajan