School of Commerce and Management

The School of Commerce and Management at SNU, Chennai offers programs that lay emphasis on integrating theory with hands on practice. The School offers B.Com (Professional Accounting) and B. Com with specialization tracks.

Academics combined with application in real-world situations is the cornerstone of the programs offered by the School. Students will be trained in contributing to solving real-world business problems. The School will emphasize on education with a purpose.

The programs offered

students in the CSE lab

B.Com (Professional Accounting)

  • Each program is tailored to a specific career goal
    • B.Com (Professional Accounting) - for those who have already decided to pursue a career in Accountancy
    • B.Com - for students who wish to work in the financial services industry e.g., in investment banks, private equity banks and insurance companies or in the finance function of industrial organizations
  • Curriculum design based on best global programs
    • Domain knowledge based on student’s career goals
    • Skill sets based on industry requirements
  • Faculty are specialists from various departments.
  • Extensive tutorials are conducted, both to revise and to prepare for external examinations.
  • Range of pedagogical tools used to simulate real world problems and solutions
  • Faculty are specialists in the subjects.
    • Teaching is done by PhD holders in the discipline.
    • These PhDs are earned from reputed institutions.
    • Subjects like Accounting, Commercial laws and Taxation are taught by practitioners- Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Company Secretaries, jointly with faculty.
  • Collaboration between departments for teaching multi-disciplinary subjects e.g. Financial modeling, Data mining of financial databases etc.
ICT-enabled teaching
Online digital repositories for lectures/ course-materials
Wi-Fi enabled campus
Flipped classroom
based teaching
Well-equipped classrooms
with LCD Projectors
Conducive ambience
for the students
Apart from all
these a Green campus