Research at SNU Chennai

Shiv Nadar University Chennai places special emphasis on cutting edge research and encourages its faculty and students to involve in research-oriented activities. It provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and access to existing research. Apart from this, it promotes collaboration with funding agencies and other institutions and industry for research. STIRS is a unique programme that instils a research aptitude and nurtures a research orientation among the undergraduate students even in their first year at the university.

Speech Lab

Cognition Lab

Areas of Research
Computer Science & Engineering
  • Accelerated Computing for Radiogenomics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Clinical database
  • Cloud and Distributed systems
  • Cloud Computing and Edge Computing
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Reinforcement Models
  • Compiler design and natural language processing
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Cyber security
  • Data Science
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Digital System Design
  • Disorder studies
  • Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures for Cognitive Computing
  • Fibreoptics and Silicon Photonics
  • Graph theory and its applications
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Image processing
  • Internet of Things
  • Internet of things and Block Chain Technology
  • IP lookup algorithms and packet classifications
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning Techniques
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Networks
  • Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS)
  • Optimization Methodologies
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Sound Computing
  • Speech Signal Processing
  • Speech technology
  • Video processing
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Civil Engineering
  • FRP Concrete composites
  • Steel-concrete composites
  • Cold-formed Steel
  • Monitoring and retrofitting of structure
  • List of Supervisors

    Sl NoName of FacultyRole
    1Prof. S. K. BhattacharyyaVice Chancellor, SNU Chennai
    2Dr. Nagarajan TProfessor and Head CSE
    3Dr. Chandrakala S(Professor, CSE)
    4Dr. Jiji. C.V(Professor, CSE)
    5Dr. Santhi NatarajanAssociate Professor, CSE
    6Dr. Sundharakumar K. BAssistant Professor, CSE
    7Dr. Vidhusha S(Assistant Professor, CSE)
    8Dr. Surya K(Assistant Professor, CSE)
    9Dr. M. Amsaprabhaa(Assistant Professor, CSE)
    10Dr. S. Veeramani(Assistant Professor, CSE)
    11Dr. Anushiya Rachel G(Assistant Professor, CSE)
    12Dr. Vegesna S M Srinivasavarma(Assistant Professor, CSE)
    13Dr. Sathyanarayanan Srinivasan(Assistant Professor, CSE)
    14Dr. Rohit Kumar(Assistant Professor, CSE)
    The faculty at SNU Chennai were able to garner project funding worth over Two Crore Rupees in its initial year of inception. The details of the projects are listed below
    • Under the National Language Translation Mission, a project titled "Speech Technologies in Indian Languages" has received administrative approval from the "Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology" with total project outlay of INR 50 Crores, for which IIT Madras is the consortium leader. In this, Dr T Nagarajan, SNU Chennai (as a consortium member) will be implementing a module with the title "Prosody Modelling", for which the funding allotted is INR 1 Crore.
    • Dr. T. Nagarajan received a project worth INR 50 Lakhs for his research on “Stand alone Domain Specific Speech to Speech Translator for English and Indian Languages”.
    • DST-SERB sanctioned a research project titled ‘Fabrication of periodically poled structures using pure and rare earth doped KTP and RTP single crystals by flux grown method for nonlinear optical applications’ worth Rs. 36 Lakhs for three years. Dr. N.P Rajesh is the principal investigator.
    • A DIR, BRNS project titled ‘Development of real-time fibre coupled luminescent dosimetry system for radiation detection applications’ for Rs 20,47,650 /- has been sanctioned in June 2022 with Dr N.P Rajesh, Dept of Physics, SNU Chennai as PI and Dr Prita Nair as the Co-PI.
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