Event Name : National Youth Day Celebrations

Time : 09.30 A.M.

On January 26th, 2022, Shiv Nadar University Chennai’s YRC and NSS Volunteers jointly hosted National Youth Day and Republic Day Celebrations. The online broadcast began at 9:30 a.m. The Indian Constitution was signed on January 26, 1950, and India was declared a republic. It’s a day that every Indian takes pride in. The 73rd Republic Day of India was commemorated with the same pride, and the students took satisfaction in honoring and celebrating the spirit of oneness. The National Youth Day is the second portion of the festival, which aims to spread Swami Vivekananda’s ideology and principles, for which he lived and served. The theme of the National Youth Day 2022 is “It’s all in the mind”. Its aim is to empower future generations of youth to learn how to behave appropriately in society. Mr. Abdullah Sheriff, B. Tech (AI & DS), and Abhishek Herbert Samuel, B. Tech CSE (IoT), gave a discussion on Empowering Gen Z – The Vivekananda Way as part of the Youth Day celebrations. Keshava Muralidhar, BCom (PA), gave a discussion on Harnessing Renewable Energy for India’s Sustainable Growth, and Adhula, B.Tech. (AI & DS) spoke about India’s liberalization as part of the Republic Day celebrations. Finally, Mr. Judah, B.Tech. CSE (IoT), moved a vote of thanks. May we continue to commemorate this day indefinitely!

screenshot of a virtual event
Judah, a student of SNUC anchoring a virtual event
student presenting
virtual presentation
virtual presentation
student presenting a virtual event

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