Event Name : “World Water Day” and “International Day of Forests
Date: 21th MARCH 2022
Invitation: Click Here
Mode: Online

The NSS and YRC units of SNU Chennai, organized an online event to create awareness on World Water Day and International Day of Forests. The event started off with the Tamil Thai Vazhthu. After which a short presentation on World Water Day took place. The qualities of being efficient with our water resources and creating new ways to harvest fresh water were discussed. The meeting showed the importance of water and the action that was requested from all human civilization. Immediately after this presentation, another presentation on the topic of International Forest Day was also delivered. This presentation focused on values such as protecting and creating new forests for humans to continue thriving on Earth. It also addressed concerns such as deforestation and artificial forest fires which are proven to be hazardous to the entire existence of forests which are shown to have non-amendable consequences of oxygen shortage and so many more natural disasters. Quickly after which a short documentary on International Forest Day was shared from YouTube, and another documentary on World Water Day was also shared from YouTube. The event ended with a vote of thanks.

screenshot of the presentation delivered by Judah Jacinth virtually representing SNUC
presentation screenshot of a virtual event
presentation screenshot of a virtual event
presentation screenshot of a virtual event