Event Name : First Aid Awareness and Training Programme

Date : 08 January 2022

Time : 09.00 AM

January 8, 2022, took place virtually. This event was jointly organized by YRC and NSS Unit of SNU Chennai. The event started off with the singing of the “Tamil Thai Vaazhthu.” Invocation of the program, that is, a warmup speech on First Aid was delivered by Mr. Judah, B.Tech CSE (IoT) – A Section. Ms. Adhula, B.Tech AI & DS ‘A’ section had introduced the guest speaker to all the attendees. The guest speaker Mr. Blithe Sudhar, First Aid Trainer / Disaster Management Field Coordinator, IRCS-TNB spoke about how, when why and what the YRC represented and what the duties of a YRC member are. He later talked about the first aid steps that were required to be taken when a person had a sprained ankle, muscle strain, blood coming out of their body, epilepsy, venomous snake bites and finally a heart attack. The professors who were attending the meet asked the guest speaker a couple of questions that proved to be extremely valuable to the students of SNU Chennai. The event ended with a vote of thanks.

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