Picture of Dr. Padmavathy

Dr. U Padmavathi

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. U. Padmavathi is working as Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science & Engineering, Shiv Nadar University Chennai. She earned her doctorate degree from National Institute of Technology Puducherry. She has completed her B.E (Computer Science & Engineering) and M.E (Computer Science & Engineering) from Annamalai University, Chidambaram. She has 11 years of Experience which includes 7 years of teaching experience and 4 years of research experience.


Blockchain, Network Security, Cyber Security, Computer Networks



v Secured First rank in B.E(Computer Science & Engineering) and gold medalist in the Department level

v Secured First rank in M.E(Computer Science & Engineering) in the Department level



v Undergone CISCO Certified Networking Academy Training Program

v Completed NPTEL course on “Blockchain Architecture and Design Use Cases” during the period Jan – Apr 2019 conducted by IIT Kharaghpur.

v Completed and earned Elite certificate in NPTEL course on “Python for Data Science” during the period Jul – Aug 2022 conducted by IIT Madras.



v Delivered a Guest Lecture on “Recent Trends in Operating System” in Women’s Polytechnic College, Karaikal.

v Acted as Resource person in one day workshop on “Applications of Statistics in AI and DS” organized by Department of AI & DS and Mathematics, MITS.



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