Dr Sudipta Som

Assistant Professor, Physics



Dr Sudipta Som



24/09/2014- 07/10/2022         Postdoctoral Fellow

                                                Dept. of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

01/08/2013- 21/09/2014         Postdoctoral Fellow

                                                Dept. of Physics, University of the Free State, South Africa




#1Project: Development of stable organic-inorganic perovskite quantum dots for micro LEDs

Industry consultant:BENQ COMPUTER

Contribution:Work as team leader

Status: Reached TRL 3

#2Project: Sharp band red phosphors with high moisture and temperature stability for LEDs

Industry consultant: EDISON OPTO CORPORATION

Contribution:Work as second team leader

Status: Reached TRL 5

#3Project: Development of color-tuned afterglow materials based on color conversion

Industry consultant: NEMOTO, JAPAN

Contribution:Work as the sole researcher

Status: Reached TRL 3


#4Project: Development of NIR materials with broadband emissions ranging from 650- 1200 nm

Industry consultant: DAN ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD.

Contribution:Work as team leader

Status: Reached TRL 2

#5Project: Development of cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

Industry consultant:BENQ COMPUTER

Contribution:Work as a coresearcher

Status: Reached TRL 1


#6Project: Development of anode materials for high-power Li-ion batteries

Industry consultant:XINGFOX ENERGY

Contribution:Work as a coresearcher

Status: Reached TRL 1


Vesta/ Proficient in data processing and analysis software (e.g. Origin, Basic Matlab)/ MDI Jade/ Mendeley/ Rietveld Refinement


Preparation of luminescent materials and electrodes

Powder:          Combustion synthesis, Hydrothermal synthesis, Sol-gel process, Sol-gel combustion, Co-

Precipitation process, Solid State reaction, Microwave synthesis, Microemulsion synthesis

Colloidal:        Hot injection, ligand-assisted room temperature precipitation, Ultrasonication



Structural:         X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy, FTIR Spectroscopy, Atomic Force

Microscopy, X-Ray Photo Electron Spectroscopy, Time of Flight SIMS, X-Ray Fluorescence

Optical:             Absorption Spectroscopy, Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

Luminescence:  Photoluminescence, Thermoluminescence

Solar Cell:      Solar Simulator

Li ion battery:   Electrochemical station (Charge/ discharge tester)


Thin Film evaporation techniques: Experienced in Chemical vapor deposition (CVD), Pulsed laser

deposition, RF sputtering, and Thermal vapor deposition

Wet thin Film deposition techniques:Experienced in Spin Coating, blade coating, and dip coating.



2014 : Ph.D. (Applied Physics) – Indian School of Mines (Now Known as IIT ISM), Dhanbad, India

2010 : M. Sc. (Applied Physics) – Indian School of Mines (Now Known as IIT ISM), Dhanbad, India (1st class)

2008  : B. Sc. (Physics) St. Xavier’s College, University of Calcutta, West Bengal, India (1st class)



Number of papers: 112 (SCI, Web of Science, Scopus indexed, and UGC listed); Number of books and chapters: 09; Number of conferences: 35; Number of edited books: 02; Number of citations: 3741; Author h index: 33; i10 index: 74



Vacuum – Guest editor
Materials Today Proceedings – Guest editor


 # first author, * corresponding author

Best 30 publications

  1. Highly efficient and thermally stable Eu3+ activated phosphate based phosphors for wLEDs: An experimental and DFT study
    Mohan Lal Meena, Chung-Hsin Lu, SudiptaSom, Rajneesh Chaurasiya, S.D. Lin
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 895 162670 (2022).( )
    Impact Factor: 6.371
    ISSN No. 0925-8388
  1. Incorporation of zinc ions towards low toxicity and high stability of organic-inorganic methyl ammonium lead bromide perovskite QDs via ultrasonication route for white-LEDs
    Rajan Kumar Singh, Pushkal Sharma, Chung-Hsin Lu, Ranveer Kumar, SudiptaSom, Somrita Dutta, Neha Jain, Mohan Lal Meena, Jai Singh, Teng-Ming ChenJournal of Molecular Liquids337 116557 (2021). (
    Impact Factor: 6.165
    ISSN No. 0167-7322
  1. Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of CsPbBr3/Cs4PbBr6 perovskites synthesized via the microwave-assisted heating process for backlight display devices
    Chung-Hsin Lu, Yi-Hsin Liu, Mohan Lal Meena, SudiptaSom
    Organic Electronics 91 106079 (2021). (
    Impact Factor: 3.721
    ISSN No. 1566-1199
  1. Synthesis and design of NaYF4microprisms via a microwave- assisted approach for highly sensitive optical thermometry applications
    SudiptaSom*, Chung- Hsin Lu, Che- Yuan Yang, Subrata Das
    Journal of the American Ceramics Society104 5168 (2021). (
    Impact Factor: 3.094
    ISSN No. 0002-7820
  1. CH3NH3Pb1–xCoxBr3–2xCl2x Perovskite Quantum Dots for Wide-Color Backlighting
    Rajan Kumar Singh, Pushkal Sharma, Ranveer Kumar, SudiptaSom, Somrita Dutta, Neha Jain, Rajneesh Chaurasiya, Mohan Lal Meena, Jian-SyunHo, Shu-Wen Dai, Jai Singh, Chung-Hsin Lu, Hao-Wu Lin
    ACS Applied Nano Materials4 (1) 717-728 (2021). (
    Impact Factor: 5.097
    ISSN No.2574-0970
  1. Rapid and room temperature synthesis of MAPb1−xSnxBr3−2xCl2x perovskite quantum dots with enhanced lifetime in warm WLEDs: A step towards environmental friendly perovskite light harvester
    Rajan Kumar Singh, SudiptaSom, Somrita Dutta, Neha Jain, Jai Singh, Ranveer Kumar, Chung-Hsin Lu
    Chemical Engineering Journal391 123629 (2020). (
    Impact Factor: 13.273
    ISSN No.1385-8947
  1. Multisite-Occupancy-Driven Intense Narrow-Band Blue Emission from Sr5SiO4Cl6:Eu2+ Phosphor with Excellent Stability and Color Performance
    Somrita Dutta, SudiptaSom#, Mohan Lal Meena, R. Chaurasiya, Teng-Ming Chen
    Inorganic chemistry59 1928- 1939 (2020). (
    Impact Factor: 4.825
    ISSN No.0020-1669
  1. Facile synthesis of Eu2+ activated dual light emitting barium silicate phosphors for warm-white light emitting diodes
    SudiptaSom*, Peng-HsuanKuo, Chung-Hsin Lu
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds790 1060- 1064 (2019). (
    Impact Factor:  5.316
    ISSN No. 0925-8388
  1. Synthesis of Li+-ion activated NaYF4: Er3+/Yb3+ phosphors via a modified solid-state process for latent fingerprint detection
    SudiptaSom*, Che-Yuan Yang, Chung-Hsin Lu, Subrata Das
    Ceramics International45 (5) 5703-5709 (2019). (
    Impact Factor: 4.527
    ISSN No.0272-8842
  1. Synthesis of Sr2Si5N8:Ce3+ phosphors for white LEDs via efficient chemical vapor deposition
    Che-Yuan Yang, SudiptaSom*, Subrata Das, Chung-Hsin Lu
    Scientific reports7 (1) 1-14 (2017). (
    Impact Factor: 4.379
    ISSN No.2045-2322
  1. Structural and luminescence responses of CaMoO4nano phosphors synthesized by hydrothermal route to swift heavy ion irradiation: Elemental and spectral stability
    S Dutta, S Som#, AK Kunti, Vijay Kumar, SK Sharma, HC Swart, HG Visser
    ActaMaterialia124 109- 119 (2017). (
    Impact Factor: 8.203
    ISSN No.1359-6454
  1. Microwave assisted hydrothermal synthesis of spherical Y2O3 ceramic powder coated by Eu3+: bright red emitting media with >80% luminescence efficiency
    SudiptaSom*, Subrata Das, Che- Yuan Yang and Chung- Hsin Lu
    Ceramics International42 8022 (2016).(
    Impact Factor: 4.527
    ISSN No.0272-8842
  1. Enhanced upconversion of NaYF4:Er3+/Yb3+phosphors prepared via the rapid microwave-assisted hydrothermal route at low temperature: phase and morphology control
    SudiptaSom*, Subrata Das, Che-Yuan Yang and Chung-Hsin Lu
    Optics Letters 41 464 (2016). (
    Impact Factor: 3.776
    ISSN No.0146-9592
  1. Red-light-emitting inorganic La2CaZnO5 frameworks with high photoluminescence quantum efficiency: Theoretical approach
    Vijay Kumar, S Som*, S Dutta, S Das, and H. C. Swart
    Materials & design 93 203 (2016).(
    Impact Factor: 7.991
    ISSN No.0264-1275
  1. A comparative study on the influence of 150 MeV Ni7+, 120 MeV Ag9+ and 110 MeV Au8+ swift heavy ions on the structural and thermoluminescence properties of Y2O3: Eu3+/Tb3+ nanophosphor for dosimetric applications
    Som*, Subrata Das, S. Dutta, H. G. Visser, Mukesh Kumar Pandey, Ritesh Kumar Dubey, S. K. Sharma, S. P. Lochab.
    Journal of Materials Science 51 1278 (2016).(
    Impact Factor: 4.220
    ISSN No.0022-2461
  1. Dopant distribution and influence of sonication temperature on the pure red light emission of mixed oxide phosphor for solid-state lighting
    Som*,#, Vijay Kumar, Vinod Kumar, MukutGohain, Anurag Pandey, M.M. Duvenhage, J. J. Terblans, H. C. Swart, B.C.B. Bezuindenhoudt
    Ultrasonic Sonochemistry28 79 (2016).  (
    Impact Factor: 7.491
    ISSN No.1350-4177
  1. CaTiO3: Eu3+, a potential red long lasting phosphor: energy migration and characterization of trap level distribution
    Som*, S. Dutta, Vijay Kumar, Anurag Pandey, Vinod Kumar, A K Kunti, J. Priya, S. K. Sharma J. J. Terblans, H. C. Swart
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds,622 1068 (2015).(
    Impact Factor: 5.316
    ISSN No. 0925-8388
  1. Tunable and white emission from ZnO:Tb3+ nanophosphors for solid state lighting applications
    Vinod Kumar, S. Som, Vijay Kumar, Vinay Kumar, O.M. Ntwaeaborwa, E. Coetsee,
    H.C. Swart
    Chemical Engineering Journal, 255 541 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 13.273
    ISSN No.1385-8947
  1. Enhanced upconversion and temperature sensing study of Er3+-Yb3+codoped tungsten-tellurite glass
    Anurag Pandey, S. Som, Vijay Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Kaushal Kumar, Vineet Kumar Rai, H. C. Swart
    Sensors and Actuators B, 202 1305 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 7.460
    ISSN No.0925-4005
  1. Energy transfer phenomena and colour tunability in Y2O2S:Eu3+/Dy3+ micro-fibers for white emission in solid-state lighting application
    Som*,#, P. Mitra, Vijay Kumar, Vinod Kumar, J. J. Terblans, H. C. Swart, S. K. Sharma
    Dalton Transaction, 43 9860 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 4.390
    ISSN No.1477-9226
  1. Effect of annealing on the structural, morphological and photoluminescence properties of ZnO thin films prepared by spin coating
    Vinod Kumar, Vijay Kumar, S Som, A Yousif, Neetu Singh, OM Ntwaeaborwa, A Kapoor, H. C. Swart
    Journal of Colloids and Interface, 4288 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 8.128
    ISSN No.0021-9797
  1. Effect of Eu doping on the photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanophosphors for red emission application
    Vinod Kumar, Vijay Kumar, S Som, OM Ntwaeaborwa, H. C. Swart
    Applied Surface Science, 308 419 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 6.707
    ISSN No.0169-4332
  1. Defect correlated fluorescent quenching and electron phonon coupling in the spectral transition of Eu3+ in phosphor host for pure red emission in solid state lighting application
    Som*,#, A K Kunti, Vijay Kumar, Vinod Kumar, S. Dutta, M. Chowdhury, S. K. Sharma J. J. Terblans, H. C. Swart,
    Journal of Applied Physics, 115 193101 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 2.546
    ISSN No.0021-8979
  1. Influence of ultrasonication times on the tunable colour emission of ZnO nanophosphors for lighting applications.
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    UltrasonicsSonochemistry, 21 1549 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 7.491
    ISSN No.1350-4177
  1. Role of surface and deep-level defect on the emission of tin oxide quantum dots.
    Vinod Kumar, Vijay Kumar, S Som, J.H. Neethling, Mike Lee, O.M. Ntwaeaborwa, H.C. SwartNanotechnology, 25135701(2014). (
    Impact Factor: 3.874
    ISSN No.0957-4484
  1. A comparative investigation on ion impact parameters and TL response of Y2O3:Tb3+nano phosphor exposed to swift heavy ions for space dosimetry.
    S Som*,#, S Dutta, M Chodhury, Vijay Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Hendric C Swart and S K Sharma.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 5895 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 5.316
    ISSN No. 0925-8388
  1. Swift heavy ion irradiation induced modification in structural, optical and luminescence properties of Y2O3:Tb3+ nanophosphor
    S Som*,#, S Dutta, Vijay Kumar, Vinod Kumar, H C Swart, S K Sharma
    Journal of Luminescence, 146 162 (2014). (
    Impact Factor: 3.599
    ISSN No.0022-2313
  1. Luminescence and photometric characterization of K+ compensated CaMoO4:Dy3+ nanophosphors
    S. Dutta, S. Som* and S. K. Sharma
    Dalton Transactions,42 9654 (2013). (
    Impact Factor: 4.39
    ISSN No.1477-9226
  1. Morphology, ion impact, and kinetic parameters of swift heavy-ion-induced Y2O3:Dy3+ phosphor
    Som*, S.K.Sharma and S.P.Lochab
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    Impact Factor: 2.821
    ISSN No.0031-8965

  2.  Eu3+/ Tb3+codoped Y2O3 nanophosphors: Rietveld refinement, Bandgap and Photoluminescence optimization.
    Som*, S.K.Sharma
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,45 415102 (2012). (
    Impact Factor: 3.169
    ISSN No.0022-3727


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BOOK (2)

  1. Sharp line Red-emitting polyborate phosphor for light applications, SudiptaSom*,#, Somrita Dutta, Vikas Dubey,ISBN: 978-3-330-00096-4, Lambert Academic Publishing (2016).
  2. Luminescent Materials in display and biomedical applications, Vikas Dubey,SudiptaSom*, Vijay Kumar, ISBN: 978-0-367-11212-7, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group (2021).