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Dr. Prita Nair


Department of Physics 



Dr. Prita Nair
M.Sc., Ph.D

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  • PhD Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, (IIT-M) in 1997 for thesis titled “A Study of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers”
  • M.Sc. Physics from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kerala. 

Awards & Distinctions

  • Recipient of Endowment Award for Best Device oriented work to be carried out in an Indian Academic institution at International Conference on Fiberoptics & Photonics, Photonics 2010, Dec 12-15, held at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  • Recipient of Laskar Award for Best thesis in Physics from IIT- Madras in 1997
  • II Rank in M.Sc Physics from Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • National Merit Scholarship holder from Pre-Degree to Graduation in 1984

Patent filed

Indian Patent-Prita Nair, M. Renilkumar- “Photonic crystal based  tunable optical channel drop filter”, Ref No. 1559/CHE/2011

Professional Memberships:

Life Member ISTE, Life Member ISSS, Member IEEE, Member IEEE Photonics Society. Member OSA

Professional Experience: Teaching 22yrs , R&D : 14 years at SSN College of Engineering and 7.5yrs (prior to SSN apart from PhD research topic)

Courses Handled

  • UG courses: Engineering Physics, Physics for Information Sciences, Semiconductor Physics & Optoelectronics, Electronic Devices & Circuits, Linear Integrated Circuits, Electronic Circuits, MEMS
  • PG Courses: Optical Fiber Communication for M.E Communications, Sensing and Sensors for MS Robotics, (CMU-SSN combined degree),
  • PhD level Special courses: Optical components for Elastic Optical network, Theory of Engineered Materials

Research Interests: Fiberoptics, Silicon Photonics, Photonic, Sonic & Ultrasonic Bandgap structures, Metamaterials, Si-EO hybrids, Biosensors

Research Labs Initiated:

    1. Optical Research & Networks Lab (ORNL) –Interdepartmental Collaborative Lab between Physics & ECE departments of SSN College of Engineering (2007)
  • Sonic Bandgap & Acoustic Metamaterials Lab (2007)
  • SSN-NMDC (National MEMS Design Centre) –Interdepartmental Collaborative Lab (2010)
  • EO Thin Film Fabrication Laboratory (2012)

Research Experience: 

    • Project Assistant, Senior Project Officer and Project Consultant at IIT-Madras, executing projects on “Development of some optical couplers” and “Development of 1553-B compatible digital fiberoptic databus for light combat aircraft” for Aeronautical Research and Development Board, Govt. Of India (1987-1995)
  • Research Assistant for Private telecom sector working on “Ultra wideband OFA design/simulation for multi-terabit optical network.”(2000-2001)
  • Project Investigator/ Mentor at SSN Institutions

Sponsored Research Projects

As Mentor:

  • “Fabrication of  Nanobiosensor for low cost, point-of-care detection of alpha feto proteins”- (2017-2020)- sponsored under DST-WOSA scheme (DST/WOS-A/ET61/2016) Gayathry Gangadharan (Research Scholar & PI )- Rs 26 lakhs
    Status: Ongoing
    1. “Development of deformable nanophotonic crystal for application as active color change based sensor and tunable reflectors” Internally funded Student Project , 2019 –  sponsored by SSN Trust   Ongoing

As PI:

  • Investigation of Materials in Sonic Band Gap Structures for possible use in stealth applications” (2007-2009), sponsored by Naval Research Board (DNRD/05/4003/NRB-112/MAT/06-07) – Rs 13.61 lakhs ,Status: Completed
  • Reconfigurable Wavelength Selective Filters Using One Dimensional Photonic Bandgap Structures In Silicon for ROADM Applications” (2007-2009), sponsored by AICTE-RPS (F.No 8025/BOR/RPS-85/2006-2007) –Rs 15 lakhs -Completed
  • “Reconfigurable Optical Components Based On Photonic Bandgap Structures” (2006-2011), sponsored by SSN Institutions – Rs 16 lakhs, Status: Completed
  • “Evaluation of Cell processor for computer vision applications and its application as an embedded processor for robotics” initiated in 2006 -2008 , hardware and software supported by IBM-HCL combine. Status: Completed  

As Co-PI

  • Development and characterization of PMN-PT single crystals for under water applications” (2014-2017), sponsored by DST (SERB/F/181/2014-2015) –Dr. N.P Rajesh (PI), Dr Prita Nair(Co-PI) Rs 35 lakhs, Status: Completed

Academic projects completed: 14 UG , 11 PG , 4 Summer Interns (from other institutes)

PhD students:

Name of PhD scholar

Topic of thesis/research



Gayathri Gangadharan

Low cost biosensors for detection of specific protein biomarkers



Dhakshinamoorthy T

Femtosecond laser etched RF and optical devices



Balasubramanian M

Study of Electrically Driven Components For Adaptive Data Distribution And Bandwidth Provisioning

Thesis defense pending


Reshmi K.S

Study Of Silicon/Organic EO Crystal Hybrid Wavelength Filters For Application As Dynamic WH/TS Encoder

Completed (2018)


Latha G

Studies On Tailoring Optical Guidance In
Commercial Solid Core Photonic Crystal Fibers And Their  Associated Applications

Completed (2017)


Mahesh N.R

Acoustic Metamaterial based Frequency Selective Devices for Low Frequency Applications

Completed (2015)


Ramesh P.G.V

On The Performance Analysis And Simulation of Connection Time Availability based Hybrid Schemes using HMM for bandwidth provisioning in OBS Networks

Completed (2014)


Renilkumar M

Micromachined Tunable Optical Filter Based On 1 – D Photonic Band Gap In Silicon

Completed (2012)

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