Dr. Prita Nair

Professor of Physics


Educational Qualifications

  • PhD Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, (IIT-M) in 1997 for thesis titled “A Study of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers”
  • M.Sc. Physics from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kerala.

Area of Research

  • Fiberoptics,
  • Silicon Photonics,
  • Photonic, Sonic & Ultrasonic Bandgap structures,
  • Metamaterials,
  • Silicon-electrooptic hybrids,
  • Biosensors


Dr Prita Nair obtained her M. Sc in Physics from Cochin University of Science and Technology and PhD in the area of Fiberoptics from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. She is a University Rank holder for her M.Sc degree and the recipient of the Laskar Award for Best Thesis in Physics in 1997 from IIT Madras. Dr Nair has over 22 yrs of teaching experience, and 7½ years of R&D experience executing Defense and Industry sponsored projects in optical fiber networks apart from the research she has undertaken after joining the teaching profession. For her PhD, she worked on Erbium doped fiber amplifiers and lasers, one of the first practical work of the kind from India. Her early R& D experiences in fiberoptics area includes indigenous development of fused optical fiber couplers, fiberoptic rotary joint couplers for military tanks and development of 1553-B compatible digital fiberoptic databus for light combat aircraft for Aeronautical Research and Development Board, Govt. of India (1987-1995) which were all carried out under Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research , Dept of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras. As part of the research team she has also been involved in on-site fiberoptic installation and testing for civilian (railways) and space applications. She has also served as one of the key research persons for a private company during their nationwide fiberoptic network design and installation.

During her academic tenure, she has supervised 7 PhD’s in the area of Silicon Photonics, Optical Communication, Photonic sensors and Acoustic metamaterials. At present she is also guiding 3 more PhD Students in the area of sensors, photonic devices and laser micromachined devices. Dr Nair has guided over 14 UG final year B.Tech projects and 11 PG projects in related areas. Her team concentrates on developing photonic bandgap/metamaterial based components with reconfigurable functionalities based on MEMS or electro-optic effects for optical communication applications, for sensors and have received awards for the same. They also work on acoustic metamaterials and sonic bandgap structures for frequency selective control of acoustic propagation. She has executed sponsored research projects from All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Naval Research Board (NRB) as PI, and has been mentor for DST-WOSA project. Apart from this she is also Co-PI in other DST projects. She has initiated Interdepartmental research labs, the National MEMS Design Centre and Optical Research and Networks Labs apart from EO Thin film and Sonic metamaterial labs. She has over 80 publications to her credit, has filed one patent and is a member of IEEE, IEEE Photonics Society, OSA, Life Member of ISSS (Institute for Smart Structures and Systems) and Life member of ISTE. She has been an active proponent in all E-learning and Virtual learning endeavors. At present apart from her role as Professor of Physics, she also serves as Member of Academic Council and Board of Studies and Controller of Exams at Shiv Nadar University Chennai.

Work Experience

Teaching 22yrs , R&D : 14 years at SSN College of Engineering and 7.5yrs (prior to SSN apart from PhD research topic)


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  • Recipient of Endowment Award for Best Device oriented work to be carried out in an Indian Academic institution at International Conference on Fiberoptics & Photonics, Photonics 2010, Dec 12-15, held at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  • Recipient of Laskar Award for Best thesis in Physics from IIT- Madras in 1997
  • II Rank in M.Sc Physics from Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • National Merit Scholarship holder from Pre-Degree to Graduation in 1984