Dr.M Prasanna Lakshmi

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Dr .M. Prasanna Lakshmi


Dr Prasanna Lakshmi M joined Shiv Nadar University Chennai as an Assistant Professor in the Department of mathematics, School of Science and Humanities on 18th August 2023. She received her B.Sc degree from Andhra Mahila Sabha Arts and Science college for Women affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad. She received her M.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from National Institute of Technology Warangal. She received her Ph.D degree in Mathematics from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. Her areas of specialization include Graph Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization Problems, Wireless sensor networks and Approximation algorithms. She qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) in Mathematical Sciences. After her doctoral degree, she worked as a Lecturer in Mathematics at IIIT Sri City. Later, she worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, School of Advanced Sciences, VIT Chennai.


Selected Publications

  1. D. Pushparaj Shetty, M. Prasanna Lakshmi, “Approximation algorithms for minimum power k backbone node r-connected subgraph problem in wireless sensor networks”, (2020), Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications,
  2. D. P. Shetty, M. P. Lakshmi, “Approximation algorithm for receiver interference problem in dual power Wireless Sensor Networks.“, J. Appl. Math. Comput. (2019). Springer,
  3. Pushparaj Shetty D and M. Prasanna Lakshmi, “Minimizing the maximum Sender interference by deploying additional nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network“,Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications, 7.1 (2019): 169-182, doi: 10.5614/ejgta.2019.7.1.13.
  4. Lakshmi, M. P., & Pushparaj Shetty, D. (2019). Optimal algorithm for minimizing interference with two power levels in wireless sensor networks. Journal of  Communications, 14(12).
  5. M. Prasanna Lakshmi and D. Pushparaj Shetty. Parallel Processing for Range Assignment Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks, Intelligent System and Computing, Yang (Cindy) Yi, IntechOpen, DOI 10.5772/intechopen.89368.
  6. D. P. Shetty, M. P. Lakshmi, “Algorithms for minimizing the receiver interference in a wireless sensor network“, in: 2016 IEEE Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical Circuits and Robotics (DISCOVER), 2016, pp. 113118. doi:10.1109/DISCOVER.2016.7806251.
  7. Shetty D P., Lakshmi M.P. (2019) “Minimizing the Total Range with Two Power Levels in Wireless Sensor Networks“. In: Mandal J., Bhattacharyya D.,Auluck N.(eds) Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 702. Springer, Singapore. doi:10.1007/978-981-13-0680-8 17.
  8. Pushparaj Shetty D., Prasanna Lakshmi M. (2019) “Construction of Minimum Power 3-Connected Subgraph with k Backbone Nodes in Wireless Sensor    Networks“. In: Rushi Kumar B., Sivaraj R., Prasad B., Nalliah M., Reddy A. (eds) Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing. Trends in Mathematics.     Birkhuser, Cham.doi: 52.
  9. M. P. Lakshmi and S. D. Pushparaj, ”Range assignment with k-power levels in a Wireless Sensor Network,” 2018 IEEE Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical  Circuits and Robotics (DISCOVER), Mangalore (Mangaluru), India, 2018, pp. 18-23. doi: 10.1109/DISCOVER.2018.8674131
  10. M. P. Lakshmi and S. D. Pushparaj, ”Improved Algorithm for Minimum Power 2-Connected Subgraph Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks,” 2018 15th IEEE  India Council International Conference (INDICON), Coimbatore, India, 2018, pp. 1-5, doi:10.1109/INDICON45594.2018.8987027.

Conference/ Workshops

  1. Presented a paper at International Conference on “Discrete Mathematics and its Applications to Network Science”(ICDMANS-2018), held at BITS Pilani, K K  Birla Goa Campus, Goa, India, from 07-07-2018 to 10-07-2018. (Paper presented: Three power level assignment problem in Wireless Sensor Networks).
  2. Attended Instructional Schools for Teachers on “Mathematics for Computer Science”, held at Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, from 18-06-2018 to 30-06-12018.
  3. Attended A six-day workshop on “Algebraic Graph Theory”, Organized by Department of Mathematical and computational Sciences, NITK Surathkal, Karnataka, India, from 25-01-2018 to 30-01-2018.
  4. Attended GIAN – 5 days short term course on “Algorithmic Foundations of Wireless Sensor Networks with Applications’ held at NITK Surathkal, Karnataka, India, from 10-12-2018 to 14-12-2018.
  5. Attended Indo-German Pre-Conference School on Algorithms and Combinatorics (CALDAM-2017), held at BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus, Goa, India, during  February 13-14, 2017.
  6. Attended National Workshop on “Understanding Mathematics”, Organized by Dept. of Mathematics, Central University of Kerala, Kasargod India, from 03-03-2016 to 05-03-2016.


  1.  Best Paper Award at International Conference on “Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies” (ICACCT-2018), held at APIIT, Panipat, India, from 17-02-2018 to 18-02-2018.
  2. Best Paper Award at International Conference on “Advances in Mathematical Sciences” (ICAMS-2017), held at VIT Vellore, Tamilanadu, India, from 01-12-2017.  to 03-12-2017.
  3. Best Paper Award at International Conference on “Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical Circuits and Robotics” (DISCOVER-2016), held at NITK Surathkal, Karnataka, India, from 13-08-2016 to 13-08-2016.
  4. Two cash prizes in National Institute of Technology Warangal for securing highest marks in M.Sc. Mathematics and Scientific Computing.
  5. Secured five Gold medals in B.Sc, Andhra Mahila Sabha Arts & Science College for Women in December, 2013 for securing highest marks in B.Sc., M.S.Cs. (Part I, Part II, Mathematics, Telugu, and Allrounder).