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Dr. Deepesh Chandrasekharan

Assistant Professor of English

  • Experience: 15 years of experience.

  • Post-graduate degrees (and NET qualification) in Linguistics (JNU, New Delhi) and English (University of Madras)

  • PhD in English Language Education from the EFL University, Hyderabad.

  • Served as Assistant Professor (English) at SSN College of Engineering in Chennai.

  • Selected for US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) fellowship based on the theme, ‘Implementing National English Curricula in Multilingual Contexts’

Dr. Deepesh Chandrasekharan
MA (Linguistics), MA (English), CELTA, PhD

Assistant Professor in English

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Dr. Deepesh Chandrasekharan has post-graduate degrees (and NET qualification) in Linguistics (JNU, New Delhi) and English (University of Madras), and a PhD in English Language Education from the EFL University, Hyderabad. He taught English in well-known schools in Delhi and Doha-Qatar for eleven years before his PhD and then served as Assistant Professor (English) at SSN College of Engineering in Chennai for three years before joining the CLIL@India Erasmus+ project as its Executive Director. He won the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) fellowship based on the theme, ‘Implementing National English Curricula in Multilingual Contexts’ in Sept-Oct 2018. He has also earned Cambridge’s CELTA with a CELTA B.

His research interests centre around issues of language and power including multilingualism, critical pedagogy, language policy and teaching in disadvantaged contexts. He has several publications including some in reputed journals and chapters in books. He has also been training teachers in schools, colleges and universities for about ten years now. He is an Anna University-recognised PhD Supervisor.

Special Achievements

  • Presented a Talk (Webinar) online on the topic ‘Contextualizing the English Language and ELT in India’ on 14 July 2020.
  • Completed Initial training for Interlocutors, Aviation English Language Experts (Raters) and Aviation English Trainers organized by IIT Madras and Airports Authority of India from 15 to 19 November, 2019.
  • US State Department-sponsored participant of the prestigious 3-week International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on ‘Implementing National English Curricula for Multilingual Societies’ across four major American cities – Washington DC, Miami, Chicago and New York from 15 September to 06 October 2018
  • Led a session on ‘Contextualizing CLIL@India in Multilingual India’ at the 5-day workshop for school teachers at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal on 10 December 2018.
  • Spoke in the symposium titled ‘Multilingual Education in India: The three-language Formula and the Educational Context in India’ on 06 August 2018 at the Symbiosis International University, Pune.
  • Edited the special issue 2, 2017, of the International peer-reviewed Journal of English Language and Literature (JOELL) ISSN: 2349-9753 (Impact factor 3.079 SJIF)
  • Selected as Master Trainer and attended a preliminary meeting for state-wide training of teachers of English in engineering and polytechnic colleges of Tamil Nadu
  • Panelist in the Panel Discussion titled: ‘Curriculum for Creative and Critical Thinking’ held in the International Conference of the Pre-primary and Primary Principals at CMS, Lucknow from 3rd to 5th February 2017
  • Coordinated a two-day International Conference titled ‘Language and Literature: Dynamic Resources in the ELT Classroom’ at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai on 10-11 November 2017

Additional Courses Completed

  • Completed the TISSx course C-02: Constructive Teaching and Learning with Technology -I (July-August 2020)
  • Attended the 3-day IELTS Masterclass course offered by British Council Chennai (April 2019)
  • Attended the two-week GIAN Course on language policy and linguistic ecology led by Prof. Robert Phillipson and Prof.Tove Skutnabb-Kangas at NALSAR, Hyderabad (November 2018).
  • Completed the six-week online TESOL-approved ELT Advantage course titled ‘An Introduction to ESL/EFL’


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Papers Presented at Conferences

  1. ‘Looking critically at Language policy documents for inclusive education’ at the two-day International Conference on ‘Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education in ELT’ jointly organized by SSN College of Engineering and Anna University, Chennai on 26-27 October 2018  
  2. ‘Institutional Support for Action Research to Overcome Continuing Challenges in ESL at the Tertiary Level: An Imperative Need’ at the Three-Day International Conference on Evolving Strategies to Overcome Continuing Challenges in Second Language Education at the Tertiary Level, jointly organized by Anna University and SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, 1-3 March 2018  
  3. ‘Aspects of Nativisation in South Asian Writing: A Study of Amitav Ghosh’s ‘The Hungry Tide’ at the Two-Day International Conference on South Asian Literature at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore on 09-10 January 2017  
  4. ‘More not Always Better: Reflections on Nuances in Marking Growth in Language Proficiency’ at the two-day International Conference at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, 10-11 November 2017.  
  5. ‘Using Social Media as Tools to Improve Students’ Writing Skills’, The 12th International and 48th Annual ELTAI Conference on “English Language Acquisition: Western Theories and Eastern Practices,” The Department of English and Centre for Research, St. Teresa’s; College, Ernakulam, Kerala, June 29 – July 01 2017.  
  6. ‘Selection of Unbowdlerized texts to Teach English: The way forward’ at the National Conference titled “New Perspectives in English Language Teaching (NPELT’17)” at the Hindustan University, Chennai, on 30-31 March 2017  
  7. ‘Ideas for the English teacher trying to empower the disadvantaged student’ at the two-day conference in English language, literature and cultural studies being held at the Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women University, Coimbatore on 6-7 January 2017.  
  8. ‘Same Content, Several Interpretations: Knowledge co-construction in action’ at the 11th International and 47th Annual ELTAI Conference held at Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad, 30 June to 02 July 2016.  
  9. ‘The English Language-Learning Experiences of Students from L1-vs. L2-Medium School Education in Technical Colleges: A study in contrast’ at the “National Conference on Developing Scenario in Applied Sciences and Communicative English – Prayag 2016” held on 21-22 April 2016 at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.  
  10. ‘Tussle for ‘Standards’ in ESL writing in India: A study of school English teachers’ insistence on ‘correctness’ and ‘appropriateness’’ at the first International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHS) 2012 convened by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sri Jayawardanepura, Sri Lanka on 08-09 November 2012.  
  11. ‘Critical Language Awareness in Multilingual India: Possibilities for Language education’ in the National Seminar on English Language Education in India: Theory and Practice held on 23, 24 and 25 January 2012, at the Centre for English Language Studies, University of Hyderabad.  
  12. ‘Using Capability in One Language as a Scaffold to Teach another Language: Perceptions and Practical Possibilities’ at the All India Seminar on “Opportunities, Options and Challenges in English Language Education” conducted by the Regional Institute of English, South India, Bangalore from 23 to 25 February 2011 at Bangalore.

Workshops conducted/coordinated/attended

  1. Attended a 7-day e-Workshop on ‘Contemporary Critical Trends in Literature’ led by Pondicherry University.
  2. Led a workshop on ‘Teaching English Language Skills and Elements’ to Assistant Professors teaching English at Kannur University, Kerala on 28 September, 2019.  
  3. Led a two-day FDP for all English-department faculty at VIT University, Vellore on 28-29 November, 2019. 
  4. Led a one-day FDP for all faculty at VIT University, Vellore on 25 April, 2019. 
  5. Led a workshop session on ‘Developing Critical Thinking’ for graduate and post-graduate students at VIT University, Vellore on 30 and 31 January 2019.  
  6. Led four workshop sessions on ‘Using technology in the ESL classroom’ and ‘Teaching listening’ as part of the ‘Tamil Nadu Sponsored Training of English Language Teachers in Engineering and Technical Institutions in the State’ for teachers of English in Engineering and polytechnic colleges in Chennai, on 26, 27, 28 and 29 December 2018.  
  7. Led a session on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at Symbiosis International University, Pune on 06 August 2018.  
  8. Resource person at the faculty training program on Strategies to enhance ESL teaching conducted on 14 February 2018 at Easwari engineering college Chennai in association with Anna University  
  9. Led a workshop titled ‘Teaching of English in disadvantaged contexts’ held in the International Conference of the Preprimary and Primary Principals at CMS, Lucknow from 3rd to 5th February 2017  
  10. Coordinated a one-day Workshop for school teachers on ‘Teaching Writing Skills in Secondary School Classrooms’ at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai on 22nd March 2016
  11. Led a workshop session on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for research scholars at the EFL University on 28 March 2012.  
  12. Attended a five-day workshop on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation organized by British Council from 06 March to 10 March 2012, at Hyderabad.  
  13. Attended the International Workshop on Task Development in a Climate of Constraints, conducted by Agnieszka Alberto of the University of Oregon on 8 November 2011 at the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.  
  14. Led a 2-hour workshop session on “Teaching English through games and activities” in the orientation course for TGTs of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Hyderabad Region at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Vattem, Mahabubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh on 06 August 2011.  
  15. Led with Prof. Geetha Durairajan, Head, Dept. of Evaluation and Testing, The EFL-U, a workshop on ‘Using L1 as a resource in the L2 Classroom’ at the UGC sponsored one-day national level seminar on “Problems of Teaching English Language in Rural and Urban Areas and Their Remedies” organized by the Department of English, Adarsh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s Shree Shivaji Arts, Commerce & Science College (Affiliated to R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, Maharashtra), Rajura, Chandrapur district, Maharashtra on 14 March, 2011.  
  16. Attended the workshop titled “Practical phonetics and developing students’ communication skills” conducted by the US Consulate General and ELTAI, Hyderabad at the GNITS for Women on January 8, 2011.  
  17. Led workshops in Doha, Qatar, on avoiding common errors in English  
  18. Attended several workshops conducted by reputed schools and organizations like the CBSE in Delhi and Doha-Qatar

Other Achievements

Academic and Professional

  • University Third rank-holder in the BAEd (1997) at RIE, Mysore
  • University Second rank holder in MA Linguistics (1999) at JNU, New Delhi
  • Produced Qatar topper in English in the AISSCE (CBSE grade XII public exam) 2008, 2009 & 2010
  • Member of IATEFL and English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI)

Music and cultural activities

  • Won second prize in the All India Benelave Singer contest conducted through Facebook.
  • Cultural Secretary at the Regional Institute of Education, Mysore (1995-96)
  • Chief Editor of the college magazine “Venture” at RIE Mysore (1996-97)
  • Maintain a personal blog of poetry and prose at
  • Trained in Carnatic Music for three years & passed the juniors exam with distinction

Adventure and sports

  • Successfully completed the Novice level Hyderabad triathlon, 2013 (8kms cycling, 2kms running and 300 m swimming within the stipulated time) held by the GHAC at the GMC Balayogi stadium, Hyderabad.
  • Volunteer for the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006.