Event name:  Beach Cleanup by NSS-SNU CHENNAI

Date: 26th December, 2021

Time: 11.00 AM

The NSS unit of SNU Chennai embarked on it’s very first endeavour outside campus to spread awareness about cleanliness by participating at a beach cleanup organised at Olive Beach. The beach cleanup was in association with Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI), an NGO focusing on wildlife conservation and environment restoration. The campaign saw the participation of more than 30 NSS volunteers. Upon assembling at the beach, the volunteers were given gloves and other safety equipment and were sensitised about the various issues surrounding cleanliness in beaches. Instructions to ensure safety during the cleanup were also provided. The volunteers were split into groups of 4 and provided with large bags to accumulate the dirt. The volunteers enthusiastically inspected the sandy shores for any and all forms of non-biodegradable substances and collected them in the bags, relentlessly, until the bags were full. Horrified by the huge amounts of dirt and plastic on the beach, the volunteers finished the day’s cleanup on a sober note, pledging to do more to protect the Earth’s beaches in the future. After a quick photo session, the group dispersed for the day

NSS Beach cleanup