B.Tech Cse(IoT)

About the Program


B.Tech IoT is an interdisciplinary program which has a vast scope as its applications have enormously increased in the past few years. IoT is the growing network of internet-connected devices that find various applications in engineering and sciences.

Through IoT, objects are interconnected across the world, it allows people or things using those objects to be connected anytime. As an example from urban transport to medical devices, home electronics and appliances to cars, heart monitoring implants and many more, the smart cities. It is estimated that by 2025, there will be 50 billion devices connected over the world wide web.

  • The program equips the students with a strong theoretical foundation, systematic professional knowledge, and powerful practical skills in a range of fields of computing science, internet of things, security, web-technologies, communications protocols, data management and application of intelligent algorithms.
  • The program includes development of IoT products and services alongside the devices for sensing, actuating, processing, and intercommunication. This exposure builds a robust foundation for a range of applications in the IoT domain.
  • The prime focus of the program is hands-on practice and industry learning on the applications of IoT in various sectors like Energy, Retail, Healthcare, Automation, Robotic things, and Green infrastructure.

Curriculum divided into 4 parts, namely, Core-CSE, Core-IoT, Applications, and Math for the following purposes:

  • Core-CSE courses for placement
  • Core-IoT and Math courses for research and higher studies
  • Application courses to encourage Entrepreneurship


  • Programming: C, Python, OOP, software engineering, Agile, compiler
  • Hardware: Digital, MP and MC, CA, OS
  • Data: Structures, DAA, DBMS
  • Networks: Computer Networks, Cyber security, distributed computing, cloud computing, web technologies

Core-IoT courses

  • Foundations
  • Sensor tech and Instrumentation
  • IoT architecture
  • Dynamic Paradigm in IoT


  • Electric vehicle design
  • Data Science for IoT
  • Real time analytics of sensor data
  • IoMT for healthcare

Math courses

  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability and Random Processes
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Cryptography

Professional Elective buckets

  • Advanced IoT
  • AI and DS
  • Advanced Networking
  • Advanced computing

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Apart from the regular job offers for the computer science and engineering graduates, the list of job profiles for a graduate in this program would be,

  • IoT Engineer
  • IoT Infrastructure Architect
  • IoT App Developer.
  • IoT Solution Architect
  • IoT Devices supervisor
  • IoT Scientist … to name a few