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Amsaprabhaa .M

  Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Amsaprabhaa.M is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Shiv Nadar University, Chennai. She was completed B.E (Computer Science) (2015), M.E (Computer Technology) (2017) from Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. at the Madras Institute of Technology (Anna University), Chennai.

Her area of interest includes Data Mining, Activity recognition, Video Processing and Clinical Databases in the field of computer vision, social media and location-sensing technologies. Her research has involved the significance of designing efficient techniques for the analysis of spatio-temporal patterns using text and video data.

Selected Publications:

International Journals:


  1. Amsaprabhaa, M, Jane, YN and Nehemiah, HK (2021), ‘Deep spatio-temporal emotion analysis of geo-tagged tweets for predicting location based communal emotion during COVID-19 Lock-down’, Journal of Intelligent & fuzzy systems, IOS press, pp. 1-14. ISSN: 1064-124, DOI:10.3233/JIFS-210544, ANNEXURE 1. IMPACT FACTOR: 1.851.
  2. Amsaprabhaa, M, Jane, YN and Nehemiah, HK (2021), ‘A survey on spatio-temporal framework for kinematic gait analysis in RGB videos’, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, Elsevier, vol.79, pp. 1-20. ARTICLE ID: 103218, ISSN: 1047-3203, DOI:, ANNEXURE 1. IMPACT FACTOR: 2.678.
  3. Amsaprabhaa, M., Jane, Y. N., & Nehemiah, H. K. (2022). Multimodal Spatiotemporal Skeletal Kinematic Gait Feature Fusion for Vision-based Fall Detection. Expert Systems with Applications, 118681
  4. Y.Nancy Jane, S.K.Charanya, M.Amsaprabhaa, Preetiha Jayashanker, KhannaNehemiah H (2022). 2-HDCNN: A two-tier hybrid dual convolution neural network feature fusion approach for diagnosing malignant melanoma. Computers in Biology and Medicine,106333.ANNEXURE 1.IMPACT FACTOR: 6.698.

International Conferences:


  1. Amsaprabhaa, and Y. Nancy jane, ‘Spatio-Temporal Analysis For Gait Recognition : A Review’, IEEE 11th International Conference on Advanced Computing (ICoAC), 2019, pp:249- 252.



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  2. Programming in Java – NPTEL