B.Sc Economics

The program is a full-time 3-year Graduation program that aims at creating a class of economists who will be equipped with skills that are highly sought in the job markets in India and abroad. The program is unique as it combines the triads of Economics, Data Science, and Finance. The rigour of theoretical framework is combined with the solving of real-life problems. Societal issues, such as unemployment, poverty, inequalities, various aspects of human development, etc., are also embedded in the curriculum so as to complement both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the developmental process.

Program Highlights

  • Rigorous domain knowledge in Economics, Finance and Data Analysis
  • Mathematical and statistical foundation, exposure to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and programming skills, such as, R, Python, etc.
  • Economic and Policy Modelling, Simulations and Forecasting, using econometric tools
  • Development of critical faculty to analyse data and policy.
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